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Time to grow...

This is the perfect time for each of us to grow in a new and imaginative way. iSoulElation marshall is my new FaceBook page to help us all through this novel time where stress is high and moral support is needed. I am uploading my book each day - about 10 minutes of it. So please join me at iSoulElation marshall.

Stay at home, learn something new, do something that you have been putting off because you haven't had the time. You have the time now. Be kind to yourself and consider the fact that many people who have chronic diseases, are not completely accepted by "society" or have a diagnosis of mental illness have this as their reality every day of their lives. Not because they are staying in to save their lives, but because the rest of us have not been able to see their needs. Now we know how they feel. Maybe it's time to grow empathy and compassion.

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