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Marshall Laws - a handbook for a happy-ful life - the podcast!!!!

Standing on a dock in Manhattan, waiting to board a boat that was going to circle the city and give us a view of the lower Manhattan Skyline and the Statue of Liberty, I was fortunate enough to be standing next to a person with presence. We started talking, first about his carved cane, but later about almost everything under the sun. When you open yourself to experiences you never know where it might take you. Soon after that auspicious dinner cruise, Mr. Patrick and I had another long conversation after which I accepted to be interviewed by him and his colleague Jean for their podcast Faith Grind Inspire. The day that I went to Madison Square Garden for the podcast taping was a scorcher - 100 degrees in the shade, not a breeze in the street. The heat and humidity simultaneously evaporated the moisture from my mouth while adding so much moisture to my face and hair that I felt like a melting curly haired candle! Fortunately the studio was cool and dry. Cool enough that I needed a little sweater to throw over my teeshirt - but hey, who cared? It was a podcast, not a tv show. I dressed for the heat, not for the camera...

Important news flash - podcasts are now video taped. I worked hard to pretend that there was not a camera in my face and focused on the questions that were being fired at me from each side. So, if you are interested in just hearing this podcast, go to the book page and click on the listen to the podcast link on Becoming You. IF you want to watch the video, click on the link below. Please remember that the day was hot, my hair was crazy after the two mile walk in the city and didn't even freshen up before the taping. None the less, I thank Jean and Jeffrey for inviting me onto their podcast show, it was a blast and look forward to going back on FaithGrindInspire to talk about my next book!

So please join us and listen to the podcast. Let me, Jean and Jeffrey know what you think!

episode 67

This is a podcast for entrepreneurs. Host Jean Alerte go deep into the mindset of what makes a great entrepreneur. With almost 2 decades of experience in operating businesses & consulting other entrepreneurs, he will share views, trials & tribulations. Faith Grind Inspire will also feature seasoned entrepreneurs to not only discuss their current business but how they got there while going deep into their “Why”.

If you would like to give us feed back on this podcast please email us at:

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