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Becoming You
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Awards and Opinions

Managing Patients With Psychiatric Diagnosis

Managing Patients With Psychiatric Disorders  was Awarded Second Place in 2018 national AJN Book  Awards for Adult Primary Care, and Third Place in the Psychiatric Mental Health Book category!!!


Becoming You:

A fantastic Book!All the information in this book teaches you to get what you really want from life. By reading and applying the skills explained, you learn how to express what you want and how to weed out the unnecessary "junk" in our lives. It teaches you to take charge of your life and learn to live it the way YOU really want. Easy text and great life examples.

Five Stars Amazon Review: Barbara


Becoming You:

Dr. Marshall's book is definitely a 'how-to' book with lots of insight. She uses problem solving skills to help you define and prioritize your goals and how to stay focused on those goals. She describes how to be more aware of your emotional reactions to situations and how that can keep you from attaining your goals in life. I love that she teaches self-determination. Her 'Marshall's Laws' really help in making change happen for yourself!

Five Stars Amazon Review: Kathy B. 


                                                  BECOMING YOU

From the exquisite green eyes on the front cover to the compelling list of Marshall's Laws at the end, this book is as empowering as it is up-lifting. Dr. Marshall practically holds your hand as she shows you the tools you need to deal with everything in life from grief over a loved one to encounters with bad relatives. Her emphasis on the power of self-determination is reminiscent of the classic childhood story of the little red engine that needed to push a stalled train up and over a steep hill. At first the daunting task seemed impossible but the little red engine said - "I think I can...I think I can" ... And ultimately it did! That's how you'll feel after you read this book. You'll believe in yourself and your ability to make positive decisions and get on the road to success. You'll realize that we each have control over our own negative behaviors, the choices we make and our emotional responses to others. This book could help you change your future - read it and pass it on!!!  FIVE STARS: Felicia




Dr. Brenda Marshall is an accomplished writer and a professor at William Paterson University in Wayne, New Jersey.  She is also an advanced practice psychiatric nurse practitioner with a private practice in Oakland NJ. As a specialist in mental health, trauma and substance use disorders, Brenda works with people in hospitals, in the community and online who are seeking improved mental health. The profession of nursing has taken her around the world, from providing care to Berber tribeswomen in the Atlas Mountains of Morocco to treating Mauritians suffering from poisonous stone fish strikes on the beaches of the Indian Ocean. In all location she has been confronted by the common threads of ordinary human beings wrestling with life’s extraordinary challenges.

Brenda's  passion for travel and language ignited a curiosity that submerged her in science, research, human behavior and education.  She is the author of four professional books with ,”Becoming You”, Managing the Patient with a Psychiatric Disorder”, “Substance Use Disorders” and “Loving Your Research Project” (release date summer 2020).  She has also written chapters in nursing and psychology textbooks as well as scores of articles in scientific, peer reviewed journals. Dr. Marshall is an award winning author, internationally recognized speaker and Fulbright Scholar Specialist in Mental Health.


 Brenda has now turned her focused knowledge of the human condition to the genre of fiction. Her style embraces the nuances of individual emotional experiences while simultaneously recognizing and celebrating the heartbeat of humanity. Her novel way of reflecting the  human struggle to maintain mental health in the 21st century, and her ability to create unusual and beloved characters, delivers fiction that grips the reader from the first sentence.  

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Learn 2 Choose inc. Center for Social and Emotional Learning

B. Marshall, EdD, APRN, ANEF, FAANP

Dr. Marshall is a  Psychotherapist trained in sensori-motor psychotherapy.   Her unique and personalized psychotherapy supports recovery from trauma, depression, anxiety and grief.  

It is ok to ask for help.  You do not have to walk alone. 

Dr, Marshall no longer accepts insurance. She will provide you with a bill for submission for reimbursement from your insurance company. 

OFFICE:  195 Ramapo Valley Road, Suite 2A, Oakland NJ.   

    Telephone:     973 685 7000  

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